Lifestyle Protection

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Our four product families provide a wealth of opportunities for you to connect with both new and existing customers, by offering products which address their immediate concerns in today’s strained economic climate. They can also evolve through the lives of your customers to meet their needs as their situation changes, encouraging brand loyalty and retention.

Life Protection

Life Protection Insurances

One-in-three men and one-in-four women will develop a major or terminal illness between the ages of 40 and 70, yet most people have made no provision for such an event.

Living Expenses

Living Expenses Insurance

Family budgets are increasingly stretched with little set aside for the unexpected. With government austerity measures cutting state benefits even a short period of time without an income could have severe consequences.


Guaranteed Asset Protection

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) helps customers deal with the extra costs that can occur when an asset is damaged, stolen or written off.

Creditor Insurance

Creditor Insurance

Regular payments by credit card, finance agreement, loan and overdraft are now commonplace and many find that what comes in each month goes straight back out to repay existing debts. For them, a steady income is crucial to fund these debts.